Big 4 Australian Banks

When talking about home loans, how big are the big 4 banks?

Based on April 2017 data from APRA the Australian home loan market is valued at around $1.55 trillion dollars. This includes both Owner Occupied home loans and investment loans.

Of this total value, the top four Australian Banks, being Commonwealth Bank (`CBA`), Westpac, National Australia Bank (`NAB`) and the Australian and New Zealand Banking Group (`ANZ`). Have a combined home loan portfolio of $1.28 trillion dollars or 83% of the total market.

Banks market size

This doesn`t leave a lot of room for anyone else.

The next seven biggest lenders in Australian combined only account of 13% of the market, the largest of them being ING with a portfolio of $41 billion dollars or 2.7% of the market.

It is no wonder the most competitively priced home loans are offered from these middle tier lenders.

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