Why it is important to refinance your home loan

Very few people actively manage their home loan, why?
Well we just don`t see the value in it, quite frankly the whole process seems too hard and difficult. Well this is just want the banks want you to believe, because while your loan sits there, they are making a healthy profit.

You see banks are very good at acquiring your business, they put out great specials and offers to attract new clients. But once they have you, over time and usually 3 - 4 years your rate becomes less and less attractive.

Banks know that the average loan will discharge between 4 - 7 years, often due to people moving homes. They accept that a loan is no longer for 30 years, so they instead focus on increasing their profitability from your loan whilst you are with them.

But refinancing is still too difficult
It can be a bit of work to refinance your home loan but it is not really all that difficult. Particularly when you use the services of a mortgage broker.

As a mortgage broker we work with you to find a better home loan, we prepare and lodgement the loan application for you (meaning no paperwork for you) and we see your loan through to settlement.

Better still, the next time you visit your mortgage broker, they already know you and you don`t have to start the process again from the beginning.

Is it really worth my time refinancing?
It is worth your time speaking with a mortgage broker to compare your home loan, it only takes a few minutes.

In some cases you might already have a really good home loan and there is no need to change. But for a lot of people, particularly if they have had their loan for 3+ years, they could be paying thousands of dollars in additional interest.

As an example we have provided a refinance case study from clients we have recently worked with.

So what do I do next?
Contact Get a Better Rate and we will talk you through the options currently available.