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Home Loan Cashback Offers

Whether you are looking to refinance your existing home loan, or purchasing your new home. Not only can we help you find your next loan but we will can match you with the best home loan offers and refinance cash-backs avaliable.

The latest lender rates and home loan offers and cashbacks are outlined below. Note, not all products qualify for cash-back offers and should be discussed with a mortgage broker before you applying.

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Compare all home loans
$2,500 Cashback*

For a limited time, you can switch to Virgin Money and receive $2,500 cashback on eligible loans.

The $2,500 cashback offer is for new Owner Occupied Principal and Interest Refinance loans

Applications must be received between 18 May 2020 and 28 August 2020, and settle by 30 October 2020

$300,000 minimum loan amount and up to 80% LVR

For new borrowings only

Customers will need to open a companion account alongside their loan. The $2,500 cashback payment will be credited to the companion account.

Offer ends 28 August 2020

Owner Occupied ProductsRateComparision
Reward Me Variable2.60%2.76%
*Conditions apply

Suncorp $3,000 refinance bonus*

Suncorp home loan refinance Cash Bonus of up to $3,000.

In addition, an extra $1,000 Frontline Extra Bonus, is available for teachers, emergency workers and health heroes - our 'frontline' heroes during the COVID-19 situation - providing eligible customers with a cash payment of up to $4,000 in total.

Offer details
  • Refinance New Home Lending >$250,000.00, receive $2,000
  • Refinance New Home Lending >$750,000.00, receive $3,000
  • Loan to Value Ratio ("LVR") including Lenders Mortgage Insurance ("LMI") is less than or equal to 90%
  • Available product types are Standard Variable, Back to Basics Variable, Fixed Rate Home Loans
  • Both P&I and IO repayment type accepted

Important note: Customers must be eligible for the Refinance Cash Bonus in order to potentially be eligible for the Frontline Extra Bonus. Refinance from another financial institution to Suncorp Bank for a home loan.

Applications received and lodged between 15 May 2020 and 10 July 2020, settle by 10 November 2020

Offer ends 10 July 2020

Owner Occupied ProductsRateComparision
Standard Variable4.98%5.13%
Home Package Plus Special2.84%3.23%
Back to Basics Special2.78%2.78%
Access Equity5.65%5.80%
*Conditions apply

Newcastle Permanent Cashback Promotion*

For a limited time, new Owner Occupied or Investment Home Loans with Newcastle Permanent may receive $2,500 cashback.

To be eligible for the $2,500 cashback payment:

  • Applications must be received during the offer period and approved and settled by 31 August 2020;
  • Minimum New Borrowing Loan Amount is $300,000;
  • LVR must be 80% or less;
  • A borrower is eligible for only one payment of $2,500 during the offer period; and
  • The cashback applies to Principle & Interest Home loans (Owner Occupied or Investment) and Interest Only Investment Loans only

Other important information

The cashback payment will be deposited to a Newcastle Permanent Building Society Everyday Account in the name(s) of the borrower(s) after the settlement date.
Offer ends 30 June 2020

Owner Occupied ProductsRateComparision
Premium Plus Package P&I2.94%3.35%
Premium Plus Line of Credit4.34%4.72%
Basic Variable P&I2.94%2.98%
*Conditions apply

$2,000 Refinance Cashback*

We are offering a Refinance Cashback of $2,000 to customers who refinance their home loan from another financial institution to CommBank.

Applications must be submitted by close of business on Monday 3 August 2020, with loans settled by 11.59pm AEST on Friday 9 October 2020. Additionally, Owner Occupied Interest-Only customers will now be eligible for the cashback.

  • Owner Occupied Home Loans; and
  • All Investment Home Loans; and
  • All Lines of Credit.
  • Applications must be submitted by close of business on Monday 3 August 2020, with loans funded by 11.59pm AEST on Friday 9 October 2020. Additionally Owner Occupied Interest-Only customers who fund on or from Tuesday 7 April 2020 will now be eligible for the cashback.
  • Customers must refinance their eligible Home/Investment Home Loan from an OFI.
  • The refinance amount from the OFI must be $250,000 or more. New money and Top Up applications are not included in the $250,000.
  • Refinancing of an existing CommBank or Bankwest Home/ Investment Home Loan is not eligible for this offer.
  • Limit of one $2,000 cashback payment per borrowing entity and per customer.
  • We will credit the $2,000 cashback amount only to a CommBank Transaction Account within two weeks of loan funding.
  • We will not combine the $2,000 cashback offer with our MAV fee waiver.
Offer ends 03 August 2020

Owner Occupied ProductsRateComparision
Viridian Line of Credit6.03%6.22%
Standard Variable Rate Home Loan4.55%4.70%
MAV Viridian Line of Credit5.43%5.80%
MAV Variable3.95%4.35%
Extra Home Loan2.79%2.80%
*Conditions apply


Effective 1 June 2020, ANZ home loans eligible customers who are refinancing $250,000 or more from another lender (which may include some additional new lending), a cashback amount of $3,000 will be available.

Eligibility criteria
  • Loan applications must be submitted between 1 June 2020 and 31 August 2020
  • Loans must be drawn down by 30 November 2020
  • At least $150,000 but less than $250,000 - $1,200 cashback
  • $250,000 or more - $3,000 cashback

Important note: ANZ's home loans switching cashback discretion can be varied by ANZ from time to time and may be withdrawn at any time.

Offer ends 31 August 2020

Owner Occupied ProductsRateComparision
Standard Variable Home Loan4.39%4.49%
Simplicity Plus2.72%2.72%
Equity Manager6.16%6.33%
Breakfree Standard Variable Land Loan3.59%3.99%
BreakFree Equity Manager4.95%5.32%
*Conditions apply

St George - $2,000 Refinance Cashback*
Offer Details
  • For new refinance applications received between 23 September 2019 to 31 July 2020 and settle by 30 September 2020.
  • Offer available on the Advantage Package and Basic Home Loans for Owner Occupier with Principal and Interest repayments and Investment Loans.
  • Offer current as at 23 September 2019.
  • Offer may be varied or withdrawn at any time.
  • $250k min loan per property refinanced.
  • The $2,000 Refinance Cashback will be paid for every property that is refinanced to St.George with minimum lending of $250,000 per property.
  • Excludes Portfolio Loans, switches and refinances of home loans within the Westpac Group which include St.George, Westpac, BankSA and RAMS.
  • Offer not available for Owner Occupier Interest Only loans or residential lending originated under family or company trusts.
Refinance Cashback
  • The cashbacks will be paid into a St.George transaction account within 60 days of settlement.
  • The transaction account must be linked to the home loan at the time of settlement, and kept open for 60 days after settlement.
  • Tax consequences may arise from this promotion for investors and customers should seek independent advice on any taxation matters.
Offer ends 31 July 2020

Owner Occupied ProductsRateComparision
Standard Variable P&I4.46%4.62%
Basic Home Loan P&I2.69%2.73%
Advantage Package P&I3.14%3.55%
*Conditions apply

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