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Whether you’re a veteran property investor or a first home buyer looking to expand your repertoire, our Get a Better Rate team is dedicated to getting you the investment property you want through tailored mortgage products.

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This allows us to explore various loan options, such as cash back and leverage our relationships with lenders to secure a suitable interest rate and terms.

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How can a mortgage broker help with property investment?

Rather than tackling the immense realm of investment properties all on your own, let our expert brokers offer you peace of mind. 

An effective mortgage broker knows what to look for, what to avoid, and whether or not there’s a better opportunity around the corner. As your dedicated advocates, we will tirelessly negotiate to secure the investment of your dreams at the lowest rate possible. 

Consider speaking with a Sydney CBD mortgage broker to guide you through the process.

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Why choose Get a Better Rate as your property investment mortgage broker?

Get a Better Rate Other Brokers Banks
Access to 40+ lenders and over 3,000 loans ? X
25+ years experience in property investment X -
Personalised approach for every client ? X
Long-term continued support for your investment X X
Expertise in both purchasing and refinancing ? X
Legendary reputation among the local community - X

Our expertise

With exclusive access to these benefits and more, we can personally bring you the perfect deal on a silver platter. 

The property investment landscape is complex and ever-changing. That's why continuous learning is a cornerstone of our approach. Get a Better Rate is constantly growing; we learn and adapt new strategies for future clients with every victory.

From risk assessment and portfolio management to tax optimisation strategies and loan term customisation, we offer a complete and holistic suite of services. We combine our dedication to the industry with our passion for customer service to ensure your goals are at the forefront of our business.

Meet Peter Hammond: Your experienced mortgage broker for investment property

With over 25 years of experience securing and managing investment properties, Peter Hammond is an industry leader in the local mortgage broker scene.

Starting as a credit analyst for Westpac in 1996, Peter quickly rose into the role of Senior Product Manager for Macquarie Group, where he personally led their team of professional mortgage brokers for over 12 years. 

In 2016, Peter Hammond launched Get a Better Rate, a renowned mortgage brokerage committed to unlocking premier property investment deals for Sydney locals. If you're in Sydney, a Sydney CBD mortgage broker like Peter could be just what you need.

Over 25 years of excellence in the mortgage brokerage industry

Between 2000-2002, while working full-time as a credit analyst for WestPac, Peter Hammond graduated with a Diploma in Financial Markets at the Australian Securities Institute. 

Later on, while managing operations at Macquarie Group, Peter also completed a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), in Information Technology at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University. 

By bringing this extensive resume to Get a Better Rate, Peter has secured memberships with Australia’s prestigious MFAA and AFCA organisations while bringing dozens, if not hundreds, of fellow Australians their dream loans and investments.

How we assist property investors secure mortgages 

This first step is ensuring we understand your needs and our strategy aligns. Our consultation will cover: 

  • Your investment goals.

  • Your financial background.

  • What type of investments you’re considering.

  • What you’ll be using it for.
    (commercial property, rental income, etc)

  • What your budget is.

Afterwards, we'll apply our expertise to provide industry insights on the locations you’re looking at, and the properties in those regions that fit your investment goals.

1. Understanding your investment goals 

Unlike other mortgage brokers that often employ a one-size-fits-all strategy, we put you, the client,  at the centre of everything we do. 

Drawing from our vast range of 40+ lenders including key players such as Commonwealth Bank, WestPac, and St. George, our highest priority is to completely understand you and your unique financial goals right from the start. Once we're aligned with your individual objectives, we apply market insights specifically tailored to meet your needs. 

Utilising analytics methods comparable to those adopted by industry leaders, we place your unique situation at the centre of our approach. Your trust enables us to offer a service that goes beyond established benchmarks, guaranteeing a profitable and personalised investment journey for you.

2. Tailoring property investment strategies 

We understand that investing in property isn't a one-time conversation, but an ongoing dialogue that adapts to the ever-changing market conditions. 

Our brokers offer personalised communication options to fit your lifestyle, whether you're juggling a hectic work schedule or family commitments. You can choose to be deeply involved, gaining valuable insights into property investing strategies. Alternatively, you can rest easy knowing we're actively keeping you up to date on market trends and doing everything possible to secure you the best rates.

Our property investment strategies can include: 

  • Flipping: Purchasing properties at a lower price, making improvements, and then selling them at a higher price to generate quick profits.

  • Buy-and-Hold: Purchasing properties and holding onto them for an extended period to benefit from both rental income and capital appreciation.

  • Rent-to-Own: Leasing a property with the option to purchase it later, often at a predetermined price, offering a way to build equity while still renting.

  • Owner Financing: Bypassing traditional lending institutions altogether by negotiating directly with the property owner to finance your purchase, potentially offering more flexible terms and conditions.

  • Refinancing: Freeing up some equity to help with your investment strategy. If you're considering this route, it could be highly beneficial to use a mortgage broker to refinance.

Get a Better Rate also provides expert mortgage broker guidance on refinancing, for those looking to free up some equity to help with their investment strategy! Our flexibility and in-depth knowledge can ultimately help any property investor nail down their strategy and lead them to success. 

3. Finding the right loan that suits your financial goals 

A wide range of loans exist for investment properties, and even the most minute differences can significantly impact the result. 

That’s where our professional investment mortgage broker comes into play.

An expert with experience and tenure in this field can easily condense thousands of loan structures into a shortlist of ideal solutions to suit your investment property portfolio. If we can’t find anything perfect, we can even negotiate on your behalf to adjust the loan amount to match a predetermined percentage.

4. Stress-free loan application and settlement 

In just 4 easy steps we’ve scoured the local market, secured your dream investment, handled the paperwork for you, and potentially saved you thousands through insights and resources unique to our services.

Here’s the best part: it’s free for you! Our fees are handled on commission from the lenders themselves. That means you don’t pay a single cent more for accessing our services. Your perfect loan is handed to you at a fraction of the time and no extra cost to yourself.

Why clients choose Get a Better Rate as their investment property broker

Among Sydney’s most trusted mortgage brokers, Get a Better Rate has proudly served the local community for over 7 years by providing expert guidance to hundreds of property investors.

We specialise in everything from securing the initial home loan, managing the end-to-end process, and building your equity over time. Don’t ask us, ask your fellow investors who’ve worked with our dedicated team.

JR “Ez” Lee profile pic

JR “Ez” Lee
Pete was incredible. He found solutions to any obstacle and I was able to purchase a second property using equity. The process was far less intimidating and confusing with him supporting me. He has also helped a family member recently purchase their first home. So stoked and appreciative I was able to connect with Pete for an amazing outcome!

Ainslie Hie profile pic

Ainslie Hie
The road to purchasing a family home was a long one for us (several years), and I lost count of how many pre-approvals Peter prepared us, or how many questions he patiently answered. Peter is helpful, knowledgeable, patient, and professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend his service to other home buyers—top-notch service!

Frank Jeroncic profile pic

Frank Jeroncic
Peter has a gift, of calling at the right time, following up, and making the tiresome process of refinancing and/or purchasing a home much easier to bare. I would hope others would have the same pleasant experience as I have.

Kerry Luong profile pic

Kerry Luong
I highly recommend Get a Better Rate! Peter is always responsive and professional. Thanks for all your help!

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Property investment is as intricate as it is nuanced, but booking a free consultation with our team is quick, easy, and could lead to you closing the perfect deal for your goals in half the time it would’ve taken you alone.

Before you come to your consultation, check out our guide on questions to ask a mortgage broker so you can get the most out of your meeting.

Call Peter Hammond now on 0420 991 404 or head over to our contact page and let us know what time and type of consultation works best for you.

FAQs: Insights from a leading mortgage broker for investors

Should I use a mortgage broker for an investment property?

Leveraging a mortgage broker’s expertise and experience will save you the time and effort it usually takes to find the deal you want. In addition, the expenses you’d likely accrue without knowing what to avoid is highly beneficial.

This is preferable for most people due to the complex nature of investment. 

Is it expensive to use a mortgage broker for property investment?

Mortgage brokers are typically paid by a lender’s commission, meaning the lender pays them at no additional cost to the borrower. In the long term, taking advantage of a mortgage broker’s services is more likely to save you money by securing better deals and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Is it faster to use an investment property mortgage broker?

Utilising a mortgage broker with experience in investment loans can save time due to their expansive knowledge and experience negotiating with lenders. Typically, enlisting their help should substantially shorten the process, as they’ve likely gone through it many times and already know all the quickest possible routes from beginning to end.

What are the risks of buying an investment property?

Depending on your state or territory, investment properties can accumulate various costs, including the mortgage loan, maintenance fees, real estate commissions, and tax liabilities. There’s also no guarantee that the investment properties will provide a significant return on investment if circumstances such as the location or market conditions take a turn for the worst.

How does an investment loan differ from a mortgage?

Investment loans come with higher interest rates, stricter credit requirements, and are usually taxed more severely than standard mortgages. They also often come with lower Loan-to-Value ratios, resulting in a higher down payment.