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Whether you’re looking to buy a home, investment property, or refinance your current mortgage, Get a Better Rate can save you money by connecting you with the right lender and home loan product that aligns with your financial goals.

Experienced mortgage brokers in Sydney CBD

Get a Better Rate is a reputable brokerage firm in the heart of Sydney CBD. With over years in the home loan market and a diverse panel of over 40 lenders, we have helped hundreds of clients secure home loans with the right lenders.

Australia's home loan market is under significant strain, making the process of securing a mortgage even more stressful and confusing. For this reason, now more than ever, it is critical to have proactive and experienced guidance to connect you with the right lender at the right rate.

With no cost to you, don't try to navigate Australia's complex mortgage industry by yourself. Contact us for an initial consultation and start your journey to Get a Better Rate.

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Our stellar reviews testify to our commitment to providing a hassle-free, efficient service that will secure you the greatest mortgage rates whilst always acting in your best interest.

Our Sydney Office

Principal mortgage broker and founder: Peter Hammond

Peter Hammond Mortgage Broker

With over 20 years of experience working with Australia's top banks across several roles in the finance industry, Peter Hammond has an in-depth knowledge of the Australian home loan landscape in cohesion with a personal understanding of the Sydney market.

  • 20+ years experience
  • Worked with leading financial institutions such as Westpac, Aussie Home Loans, Macquarie Bank and AMP.
  • Member of Australian AFG
  • Member Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA)

As our principal Sydney mortgage broker, Peter personally handles all consultations for clients, ensuring that you will receive his expertise in the mortgage market and qualified guidance to secure finance.

Customer Reviews

JR “Ez” Lee profile pic

JR “Ez” Lee
Pete was incredible. He found solutions to any obstacle and I was able to purchase a second property using equity. The process was far less intimidating and confusing with him supporting me. He has also helped a family member recently purchase their first home. So stoked and appreciative I was able to connect with Pete for an amazing outcome!

Ainslie Hie profile pic

Ainslie Hie
The road to purchasing a family home was a long one for us (several years), and I lost count of how many pre-approvals Peter prepared us, or how many questions he patiently answered. Peter is helpful, knowledgeable, patient, and professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend his service to other home buyers—top-notch service!

Frank Jeroncic profile pic

Frank Jeroncic
Peter has a gift, of calling at the right time, following up, and making the tiresome process of refinancing and/or purchasing a home much easier to bare. I would hope others would have the same pleasant experience as I have.

Kerry Luong profile pic

Kerry Luong
I highly recommend Get a Better Rate! Peter is always responsive and professional. Thanks for all your help!

Who Get a Better Rate helps

With years of experience in providing lending solutions to Sydney-siders, Get a Better Rate has acquired extensive expertise in assisting:

  1. Home loan refinancers
  2. First home buyers
  3. Property investors

This wealth of knowledge positions us as expert Sydney mortgage brokers, ready to provide the guidance and support you need to achieve your financial goals.

Get a Better Rate also helps professionals obtain industry-specific loans, including doctor mortgage brokerage services.

Home loan refinancing

Are you unhappy with your current home loan?

Refinancing allows you to replace an existing home loan from a different lender or with adjusted terms.

We can assist by connecting you with the right lenders and terms that better suit your financial needs while helping you navigate the fees incurred when refinancing a mortgage.

First home buyers

Buying your first property and securing a mortgage is a stressful process filled with confusing terms such as lenders mortgage insurance or loan-to-value ratio.

Utilise our experience in residential loans to assist you in finding the right loan that matches your individual circumstances and demonstrate first home buyer grants that you may be eligible for.

Get a Better Rate's free services also help with the application process, leaving no room for doubt when submitting your loan for approval and settlement.

Investment property buyers

Unsure how to best use your equity or other assets when purchasing an investment property?

A mortgage broker can assist you in defining your property investment goals, evaluating your financial circumstances, comparing investment loans, and negotiating with lenders on your behalf.

Get a Better Rate can guide you towards the right investment property mortgage solutions, using carefully calculated judgements to get you the rate you deserve.

Why use a mortgage broker?

In a housing market as competitive and unpredictable as Sydney’s, Get a Better Rate's expertise and lender access will put you in the right position to save money and make smart investments - whether you’re buying or refinancing.

A local mortgage broker like Get a Better Rate can provide invaluable advice regarding lender policies, loan products and interest rates designed to help you find the right loan. This is where mortgage brokers make all the difference. Brokers assess your financial situation, identify a loan option that suits your needs, and handle the entire application process on your behalf.

Ultimately, choosing a mortgage broker in Sydney allows you to get ahead in the housing market while also saving you time, money and stress.

What to look for in a mortgage broker

Experience is the #1 quality to consider when considering a mortgage broker.

Ultimately, an intricate knowledge of the housing market and loan products is paramount to a broker’s ability to provide you with the appropriate guidance that will allow you to find the right loan solutions for your financial situation.

At Get a Better Rate, we are accredited members of Member Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and AFG Home Loans.

Get a Better Rate mortgage broker process

By using our services, you can secure a better home loan. We have broken down the process that you will go through with us here at Get a Better Rate if you decide to use our services:

1. Initial consultation

During your first meeting with a mortgage broker at Get a Better Rate, the primary focus will be understanding your financial objectives and current financial situation. This information allows your broker to assess your eligibility for a home loan or refinance and to determine the best course of action to help you achieve your long-term goals.

By understanding your needs and aspirations comprehensively, your broker can provide personalised guidance and advice tailored to you.

2. Loan comparison and negotiation

Once we get a feel for your needs, your broker will initiate the loan comparison and negotiation process with our extensive panel of over 40 lenders. This allows us to explore various loan options and leverage our relationships with lenders to secure a suitable interest rate and terms.

We aim to ensure you receive the most competitive loan offer that aligns with your needs and financial goals.

3. Application and settlement

After finding you the perfect loan, we initiate the application process on your behalf, providing clear instructions on the required documents and forms that need to be submitted to the lender. We take charge of the paperwork and assist you in applying for any applicable government grants or incentives. Throughout the application process, we keep you informed about the progress and manage your loan until the settlement is complete.

How much do our mortgage brokers cost?

At Get a Better Rate, our services cost you nothing.

Our mortgage brokers are remunerated via a commission from the lender, meaning that you pay no additional fees on your home loan for using a broker who will secure you the rate you deserve.

Where to find Get a Better Rate in Sydney CBD

Get a Better Rate is located in the heart of Sydney CBD, at Level 16/9 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. Just a short walk from Wynyard station, you can access our location with ease!

Book a call with Get a Better Rate founder, Peter Hammond

Reach out to Peter Hammond to discuss how we can assist you in obtaining a better rate on home loan products. Whether you are considering refinancing or purchasing a home or investment property, we utilise our extensive housing market knowledge and carefully listen to your financial goals to find the most suitable rate for your circumstances.

Take action today and start saving free money on your mortgage.


What Sydney locations do Get a Better Rate service?

Get a Better Rate serves all of Sydney, NSW, with a focus on the CBD and metropolitan area.

When should I contact a mortgage broker?

You should contact a mortgage broker at any stage throughout the homeownership process. Whether you have owned your home for 30 years and are looking to refinance, or you’re ready to take the step to buy your first home, a mortgage broker can assist you in getting a better rate on your home loan.

Do mortgage brokers charge upfront fees?

Get a Better Rate charges absolutely no fees throughout the entire process.

How do mortgage brokers operate?

Mortgage brokers act as go-betweens that negotiate and arrange home loans between lenders and borrowers. They are intermediaries facilitating the relationship between lenders and borrowers by helping them secure the optimal deal for their home loans, and lenders pay them a commission in return.

What is the benefit of using a mortgage broker?

Working with a mortgage broker not only aids you in securing an optimal rate on your home loan, which can help you save money in the long term but also takes care of the application process, handling the paperwork and negotiations for you - saving you both time and money.