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A free mortgage broker for first-home buyers

Taking that first step towards purchasing your new home is the start of an exciting new chapter of your life. There's no need to take that step alone when you have the expert guidance of Get a Better Rate! 

We offer a free consultation for first-home buyers ready to jump into the property market and find their dream home while taking the stress out of all the paperwork and necessary research.

How a mortgage broker helps home buyers

The initial instinct for many first homeowners looking for a home loan is to head to the nearest bank or big-name lender. 

However, mortgage brokers are an alternative option that many homeowners find more reliable and streamlined. This is because mortgage brokers are responsible for comparing lenders and home loan products, taking the stress off your shoulders when finding the right home loan for your personal and financial circumstances.

When you hire a mortgage broker, you hire a financial specialist who will guide you throughout the home loan process.  Learn more about the differences using mortgage brokers and banks

Match you with the right loan

Finding the best home loan for your needs can be tricky, taking plenty of time and effort. Fortunately, Get a Better Rate can do the hard work for you!

Our team of experienced mortgage brokers compare the property market's most prominent home loans to find the perfect match for you. We ensure that your needs and circumstances are considered so that your first home loan goes above and beyond your expectations.

Source suitable loan features

When choosing a home loan, you should consider more than just its type of interest rate and length of the loan term. 

First-home buyers should also seek out a home loan that offers suitable features beyond just what is expected, including:

  • Loan flexibility

  • Ability to make extra mortgage repayments

  • Ongoing fees

  • Additional loan conditions

  • Features like redraw facilities or offset accounts

  • Deposit costs

  • …and so much more!

With the aid of a mortgage broker you can trust, Get a Better Rate guarantees that your first home loan will have features that suit your financial situation. 

There is no need to negotiate with home loan lenders for a lower deposit or your choice between a fixed or variable interest rate. We will find the best option for you!

Assistance with your home loan application

Any home buyer, even one who has plenty of experience in the property market, can tell you that applying for a home loan is a complex and time-consuming process. Having a helping hand during the whole process can alleviate the stress of all the paperwork and necessary reviews.

Here at Get a Better Rate, we offer free consultation for all interested home buyers, including those looking to apply for their first home. During this consultation, our experienced mortgage brokers will outline the possible deposit you will require and how much you can borrow from our extensive lender panel.

This level of support will continue throughout the application process for your chosen home loan. That includes when you undergo the necessary eligibility checks and look at the documentation needed for approval. 

There's no chance of signing something you don't fully understand when you have the support of Get a Better Rate.

Secure pre-approval

If you have yet to find your dream home but are ready as a home buyer to step into the home loan world, we can help you organise a pre-approval. This would mean that one of our mortgage brokers has secured a set loan amount for purchasing your first home, even when you have not decided yet. 

Pre-approval means you can shop for your home confidently as you know what you can afford on the market.

Guidance on Government grants and schemes

First-home buyers are privy to various government initiatives focused on supporting their home purchase through grants and schemes. It can be difficult to find a home owners grant or scheme you are eligible for, so having an expert on hand can save time and reduce stress levels.

Here at Get a Better Rate, we guide all first-home buyers to a government grant or scheme that will ensure the purchase of a home sooner rather than later.

We offer our expertise to access grants such as:

  • First Home Guarantee (FHBG): This first home owners grant focuses on providing prospective home buyers the chance to buy a home with a deposit as low as 5%, rather than the typically desired 20%. This grant is available to Australians who are first-home buyers, for both individual and joint applicants, or have not owned a property in Australia for the last 10 years.

  • Family Home Guarantee (FHG): An option open to single parents or guardians with at least one dependent who are looking to purchase a home sooner. The FHG allows property purchase to occur with a deposit as low as 2% and is available to both first and previous home owners.

  • First Home Owner Super Saver Scheme: This scheme offers eligible first home buyers the opportunity to use chosen voluntary super contributions to save more money towards buying their first home. These super fund contributions can be both before- and after-tax non-concessions, with a maximum of $15,000 released each year. The home bought with this fund can be either new or existing.

  • Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee (RFHBG): This grant allows for a deposit that amounts to as little as 5% of the purchase price for first home buyers living in regional Australia. The guarantee applies to individual and joint applicants who have lived in a regional or adjacent regional area for at least 12 months before looking to buy a home. You must also be a first home buyer or someone who has not owned property in Australia for the last 10 years.

If you are looking for a specific home owners grant or scheme, you can ask one of our mortgage brokers for assistance.

Why Get a Better Rate?

With several years of experience in the home loan market and a diverse panel of over 40 reputable lenders, Get a Better Rate has become a trusted figure and the top mortgage broker in Sydney CBD. We are committed to matching all of our clients with the lender and home loan that is best for them, sparing no effort or expense to make the whole process as simple as possible.

Why limit yourself to just one mortgage option? Start your journey to purchasing your first home with the guidance of our expert services.

Completely free and personalised service

At no cost to you, we provide personalised services that are guaranteed to guide you through the entire home loan application process efficiently. With no hidden fees or upfront charges, you can trust Get a Better Rate and our experienced team with your future home loan.

40+ lender panel

There is seemingly no end to lenders available through Get a Better Rate's extensive network. With over 40 lenders, including familiar names such as Commonwealth Bank, NAB, ANZ, and Westpac, finding your perfect fit from their offered home loans is just a matter of time.

Get a Better Rate only offers the most comprehensive home loans on the market, which is why their panel is so extensive. This broad selection also grants our customers the flexibility of multiple home loan options. This is a benefit unique to mortgage brokers and their effort to research the best loans for first-home buyers.

Expert advice

First-home buyers feel at ease whenever they utilise the expert services of Get a Better Rate, as they know they are in the seasoned hands of founder Peter Hammond. 

With over two decades of experience working with various leading Australian financial institutions, Peter brings dedication and experience to every customer interaction, ensuring first-time buyers feel supported and stress-free throughout the home loan application process. From reviewing all the documentation to working through the pre-approval process, your first property search will be fully guided.

Not only will Get a Better Rate's team help determine how much borrowing power each first-home buyer brings, but their in-depth knowledge of the mortgage industry will help interested clients find the perfect home owner grant and save money. 

Industry experienced

Founder and principal broker of Get a Better Rate, Peter Hammond, has worked across various financial and property industry roles such as: product management, relationship management, operations, and consulting. This has given Peter a comprehensive understanding of the Australian home loan landscape.

Peter has since brought this varied industry experience to helping first-home buyers find the perfect home loan for their personal and financial situation. Having founded Get a Better Rate with the intention of placing customer satisfaction above all else, Peter has provided hundreds of Australians over the past 7 years with home loans they deserve, no matter their credit history or financial position.

Non-stop support until settlement

Unlike big-name lenders that leave first-home buyers to sort out their documentation or home loan pre-approval process, Get a Better Rate is committed to supporting our customers until settlement.

We understand buying your first home can be daunting as there are countless factors to keep track of and endless documents to sign. That is why your mortgage broker acts alongside you throughout the process, whether choosing your first home owner grant, or looking to understand stamp duty concessions.

No matter what kind of property you want to settle on, you can be sure that our support will be available until you have purchased your brand-new home. Additionally, if you need a refinancing mortgage broker, we can provide the exact same passion and expertise to find you a new home loan that suits your needs.

Questions to ask a mortgage broker as a first-time home buyer

Starting your home loan search with a mortgage broker requires an initial consultation for them to understand your exact needs and desires for a home purchase. However, this time is also excellent to ask any of the pressing questions you may have as a first-time home buyer, which may be:

  • What are first-home buyer loans?

  • Why do I need to be concerned about interest rates when choosing a home loan?

  • Are mortgage broker services free of charge?

  • Are online lenders available through your services?

  • Do you offer home price monitoring?

  • Do you offer liaison with my chosen solicitor or conveyancer?

  • What support service do you offer, and will I have to pay extra for them?

Having a list of questions ready when you first meet with your mortgage broker will ensure that your consultation will cover all your areas of concern. This line of questioning is encouraged throughout the home loan process as Get a Better Rate is here to support you no matter the question or concern.

Proven success: See how Get a Better Rate has helped first-home buyers

Over the past 7+ years, Get a Better Rate has provided countless first-home buyers invaluable insight into the Australian home loan market. With our drive to place customer satisfaction and comfort first, we have created a history of Australians being satisfied with their chosen home loans and confident in their new house.

You can learn more about how we have helped previous home buyers achieve the house of their dreams through their own words.

JR “Ez” Lee profile pic

JR “Ez” Lee
Pete was incredible. He found solutions to any obstacle and I was able to purchase a second property using equity. The process was far less intimidating and confusing with him supporting me. He has also helped a family member recently purchase their first home. So stoked and appreciative I was able to connect with Pete for an amazing outcome!

Ainslie Hie profile pic

Ainslie Hie
The road to purchasing a family home was a long one for us (several years), and I lost count of how many pre-approvals Peter prepared us, or how many questions he patiently answered. Peter is helpful, knowledgeable, patient, and professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend his service to other home buyers—top-notch service!

Frank Jeroncic profile pic

Frank Jeroncic
Peter has a gift, of calling at the right time, following up, and making the tiresome process of refinancing and/or purchasing a home much easier to bare. I would hope others would have the same pleasant experience as I have.

Kerry Luong profile pic

Kerry Luong
I highly recommend Get a Better Rate! Peter is always responsive and professional. Thanks for all your help!

How we secure your first home, together

As a home buyer, getting your mortgage approved can be long, especially if you are a first-home buyer with no previous experience. Fortunately, Get a Better Rate is here to help walk you through each step, considering your thoughts and opinions throughout the process.

Step 1: Initial Consultation - Understanding Your Needs

The initial consultation is the first step to securing a home loan with a mortgage broker. This meeting will cover your goal as a first-home buyer and what needs to be done to get you to purchase your first property. 

It is best during this step to bring all relevant information you have about your personal and financial position. You can also explain what you are looking for in a property to address all your needs.

Step 2: Financial Analysis - Crafting a Tailored Plan

When it comes to any financial decision, including buying your first house, a plan must be outlined beforehand to ensure complete success. For home loans, this means discussing how much deposit is needed for your home, how much borrowing power you have, what lender from our panel would best fit you, and everything in between.

Without the proper research and time spent planning to secure a home loan, issues may arise as you overreach your borrowing or enact a lender's mortgage insurance. That is why our financial plans are tailored to our clients and their situation.

Step 3: Property Search - Finding Your Dream Home

Using mortgage broking services means knowing what properties are within your price range and borrowing capacities before you even start looking on the market. You can dive straight into finding your first home and confidently make the call when that moment finally comes.

Whether your first buy is a family home or investment property, your mortgage broker may also be able to find a home buyer grant that can assist you in your journey. There is no need to search through the available government schemes when your broker is already working hard to find a home loan deposit scheme that best suits you.

Step 4: Securing the Loan - Hassle-Free Loan Application and Approval

Loan application has never been so easy when you have a dedicated mortgage broker putting all the necessary documentation together. Everything that is needed to submit a complete mortgage application to a lender will be undertaken by us. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line and wait for the lender to reply with their confirmation.

This confirmation comes as an unconditional approval, sometimes referred to as a formal approval. A letter will be sent directly to you to confirm that the lender is ready to approve your loan, and you can move forward with signing the final documents of your new loan contract.

Step 5: Settlement - Assisting You Till You Receive Your Keys

Even once you have signed the agreement for your new home loan, we will still support you for the final step. If required, our mortgage brokers will liaise with your lender and conveyancer or solicitor to book the settlement.

We will also be available after the settlement has been acknowledged to ensure your new loan is set up correctly. This usually requires a check that your home loan repayments are processed.

Get in touch and start your first home buying journey today

Becoming a home buyer may be complex, but having a mortgage broker alongside you for guidance can make your property journey practically stress-free. We believe such a joyous occasion as owning your first property should be seamless, so we always put the customers first.

Get a Better Rate understands better than most broker institutions that most first-home buyers in Australia have numerous questions and concerns, this is why our brokers are well-versed in walking our clients through every step of the home loan application process. If you are ready to take the first step towards buying your own home, call us at 0420 991 404, or set up an in-person consultation by sending an inquiry through our website .


Can Get a Better Rate help me find the right property?

During your in-person consultation with one of our brokers, your financial plan will outline how much borrowing power you can wield and provide an estimate of your first property's price range. This information can help you narrow your choices until you find the right property on the market.

What's the disadvantage of using a mortgage broker as a first home buyer?

While brokers can provide a broad range of services to a first home buyer, they are still the go-between to many integral contacts in the home loan process. They do not have the authority to directly act on a loan, such as reducing the interest rate or waiving ongoing costs. Only the lender itself can take these actions, although a broker can advise on how you can negotiate on your own behalf.

Should I see a mortgage broker before buying a house?

It is incredibly beneficial to see a mortgage broker before buying a house as they operate as a financial advisor. Thus, they can help you figure out where you will be financially throughout the entire process. Having this kind of information can make the buying process far more streamlined, especially when your broker puts in the hard work for you to collect property reports on houses you are interested in.

What additional support does Get a Better Rate offer after settlement?

Once settlement has concluded, Get a Better Rate will still work alongside you to ensure the new loan is set up correctly and your repayments are going through. We will also check that all additional features and functions of your home loan are working optimally and no issues need to be addressed.