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Should I Get an Offsets Home Loan

Offset home loans are a popular term people often ask about, usually because someone they know has suggested it. It is important to understand that in some circumstances, an offset loan might not be the best option, as they often attract a higher interest rate or ongoing fees.

In which circumstances are Offset home loans is a good option. Investors who have additional funds they do not wanted to deposit directly onto the loan account. Customers who have substantial savings and either for budgeting, savings or other reasons do not want to deposit the money directly onto the home loan.

For everyone else, I would compare the cheapest offset home loan with a basic variable rate home loan. Consider the difference in cost between the two loans before making a decision.

Customer Reviews

JR “Ez” Lee profile pic

JR “Ez” Lee
Pete was incredible. He found solutions to any obstacle and I was able to purchase a second property using equity. The process was far less intimidating and confusing with him supporting me. He has also helped a family member recently purchase their first home. So stoked and appreciative I was able to connect with Pete for an amazing outcome!

Ainslie Hie profile pic

Ainslie Hie
The road to purchasing a family home was a long one for us (several years), and I lost count of how many pre-approvals Peter prepared us, or how many questions he patiently answered. Peter is helpful, knowledgeable, patient, and professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend his service to other home buyers—top-notch service!

Frank Jeroncic profile pic

Frank Jeroncic
Peter has a gift, of calling at the right time, following up, and making the tiresome process of refinancing and/or purchasing a home much easier to bare. I would hope others would have the same pleasant experience as I have.

Kerry Luong profile pic

Kerry Luong
I highly recommend Get a Better Rate! Peter is always responsive and professional. Thanks for all your help!

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